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Dyes and Pigments:
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Reference ID CAS No Product Name
DYE-P1869Techsol Blue 59
DYE-P1863Techsol Orange 2G
DYE-P1862Techsol Red 2Y
DYE-P1860Techsol Red GK
DYE-P1861Techsol Red KLB
DYE-P1865Techsol Vilent ER
DYE-P1864Techsol Violet R
DYE-P1866Techsol Yellow 3G
DYE-P1867Techsol Yellow 3GL
DYE-P18688003-22-3Techsol Yellow 4G
DYE-P1732Tin Printing Ink
DYE-P0962Toluidine Fast Red RN
DYE-P09716535-47-3Toluidine Maroon
DYE-P1566Toluidine Maroon (12350)
DYE-A00803071-73-6Tracid Black BR
DYE-A0612Tracid Blue BGA
DYE-A0070Tracid Blue BRN
DYE-A00626507-79-5Tracid Bordeaux BB
DYE-A1160Tracid Brilliant Blue BRS
DYE-A0076Tracid Brilliant Blue GAW
DYE-A0077Tracid Brilliant Blue P-R
DYE-A00714474-24-2Tracid Brilliant Blue Raw
DYE-A0611Tracid Brilliant Green 3GM
DYE-A1197Tracid Brilliant Green B
DYE-A116411097-74-8Tracid Brilliant Red 10B
DYE-A1201Tracid Brilliant Red 3BE
DYE-A1163Tracid Brilliant Red B
DYE-A1165Tracid Brown RL
DYE-A1207Tracid Brown SG
DYE-A00733351-05-1Tracid Cyanine 5R
DYE-A00743529-01-9Tracid Dark Blue GR
DYE-A0055Tracid Flavine 5G
DYE-A1187Tracid Orange 2R
DYE-A00566507-77-3Tracid Orange GS
DYE-A0058Tracid Orange RS
DYE-A0064Tracid Red 2BS
DYE-A1186Tracid Red BS
DYE-A1195Tracid Red F-3GL
DYE-A0069Tracid Red FG
DYE-A0059Tracid Red G
DYE-A0068Tracid Red GN
DYE-A0067Tracid Red GRS
DYE-A0066Tracid Red RN
DYE-A0065Tracid Rubine 5BL
DYE-A1193Tracid Violet FBL
DYE-A0054Tracid Yellow 3G
DYE-A00526459-70-7Tracid Yellow G
DYE-A0053Tracid Yellow GS
DYE-A0081Tracids Yellow 3GS
DYE-P141317354-14-2Transparent Blue B
DYE-P145714233-37-5Transparent Blue AP
DYE-P1426Transparent Blue GP
DYE-P1804Transparent Blue RP
DYE-P1682Transparent Blue TJB-1
DYE-P142061969-47-9Transparent Orange 3G
DYE-P1684Transparent Orange Red GG
DYE-P1688Transparent Orange Yellow G
DYE-P1418Transparent Red B
DYE-P1692Transparent Red FB
DYE-P1801Transparent Red GR
DYE-P1675Transparent Red GS
DYE-P1417Transparent Red HRR
DYE-P1024Transparent Red Iron Oxide
DYE-P1802Transparent Red TB
DYE-P1423Transparent Red Violet R
DYE-P1423Transparent Red Violet R
DYE-P1690Transparent Red Violet R
DYE-P1686Transparent Red YJO-1
DYE-P168381-48-1Transparent Violet B
DYE-P1803Transparent Violet R
DYE-P14214702-90-3transparent yellow 3g
DYE-P1800Transparent Yellow G
DYE-P1013Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
DYE-P1297Ultramarin 461
DYE-P1298Ultramarin 462
DYE-P1299Ultramarin 504
DYE-P1853Ultramarine 426
DYE-P1854Ultramarine 463
DYE-P1855Ultramarine 464
DYE-P1856Ultramarine T83
DYE-P1780Ultranarin 604
DYE-V0804129-09-9Vat Yellow GCN
DYE-V0887Vat Black BBN
DYE-V1279Vat Black BBRX
DYE-V0889Vat Black Bl
DYE-V1287Vat Black DB
DYE-V1305Vat Black RB
DYE-V0845130-20-1Vat Blue BC
DYE-V0854Vat Blue ER
DYE-V0848Vat Blue GCDN
DYE-V1285Vat Blue RS
DYE-V0840Vat Blue RSN
DYE-V1262Vat Blue VR
DYE-V0847Vat Brilliant Blue 3G
DYE-V0852Vat Brilliant Blue 4G
DYE-V0862Vat Brilliant Green 2G
DYE-V0860128-58-5Vat Brilliant Green FFB
DYE-V0819Vat Brilliant Orange 3RK
DYE-V0822Vat Brilliant Orange GR
DYE-V1282Vat Brilliant Pink R
DYE-V12951324-17-0Vat Brilliant Violet 3b
DYE-V0837Vat Brilliant Violet RR
DYE-V0837Vat Brilliant Violet RR
DYE-V1283Vat Browm G2RN
DYE-V13042475-33-4Vat Brown 1
DYE-V0886Vat Brown 3
DYE-V0884Vat Brown 3G
DYE-V0885Vat Brown 3GR
DYE-V129612237-38-6Vat Brown 68
DYE-V129712237-41-1Vat Brown 72
DYE-V1288Vat Brown BR
DYE-V1263Vat Brown BR-M
DYE-V0880Vat Brown G
DYE-V0882Vat Brown GG
DYE-V1275Vat Brown GG-M
DYE-V1290Vat Brown GG-N
DYE-V1264Vat Brown G-M
DYE-V1265Vat Brown GN
DYE-V1289Vat Brown G-N
DYE-V1285Vat Brown LG
DYE-V1280Vat Brown R-M
DYE-V1274Vat Brown R-N
DYE-V0829Vat Claret 2R
DYE-V0850116-71-2Vat Dark Blue BO
DYE-V0859Vat Dark Blue FSHB
DYE-V0855Vat Dark Blue NB
DYE-V0858Vat Dark Blue SBF
DYE-V0856Vat Dark Blue VB
DYE-V0873Vat Dark Brown BR
DYE-V129212227-28-0Vat Dark Brown H2R
DYE-V1266Vat Direct Black DB
DYE-V0905Vat Direct Black GBO
DYE-V0893Vat Direct Black RB
DYE-V0906Vat Direct Black SNA
DYE-V12941324-35-2Vat Golden Orange 2RT
DYE-V0824Vat Golden Orange G
DYE-V0806128-66-5Vat Golden Yellow GK
DYE-V0816Vat Golden Yellow RK
DYE-V0870Vat Grass Green
DYE-V0815Vat Grass Yellow GB
DYE-V1302Vat Green 13
DYE-V1278Vat Green B
DYE-V0868Vat Green BB
DYE-V1276Vat Green GN
DYE-V1267Vat Grey 3B
DYE-V0904Vat Grey 3T
DYE-V0901Vat Grey A
DYE-V1268Vat Grey BGN
DYE-V1286Vat Grey GG
DYE-V0902Vat Grey GL
DYE-V0903Vat Grey KB
DYE-V0891Vat Grey M
DYE-V0891Vat Grey M
DYE-V1269Vat Grey MT
DYE-V086614999-97-4Vat Khaki 2G
DYE-V08954395-53-3Vat Olive (Original Powder)
DYE-V0869Vat Olive 3G
DYE-V1284Vat Olive B
DYE-V08643271-76-9Vat Olive Green B
DYE-V0896Vat Olive R
DYE-V0825Vat Orange 3G
DYE-V0821Vat Orange RF
DYE-V0835Vat Pink 3B
DYE-V0827Vat Pink R
DYE-V08334203-77-4VAT RED 13
DYE-V0832Vat Red 5 GK
DYE-V1291Vat Red 5BF
DYE-V1277Vat Red 6B
DYE-V1270Vat Red BN
DYE-V0879Vat Red Brown 5RF
DYE-V1272Vat Red Brown BRN
DYE-V1271Vat Red Brown G2RN
DYE-V0878Vat Red Brown RRD
DYE-V0871Vat Red Brown RRK
DYE-V083112227-47-3Vat Red F3B
DYE-V12938005-56-9Vat Red GG
DYE-V08306424-77-7Vat Scarlet R
DYE-V0834Vat Scarlet Red G
DYE-V1273Vat Violet RR
DYE-V0808Vat Yellow 3GF
DYE-V08172172-33-0Vat Yellow 3RT
DYE-V0809Vat Yellow 4GF
DYE-V0811Vat Yellow 6GD
DYE-V0812Vat Yellow 7GK
DYE-V1303Vat Yellow F3GL
DYE-V0814Vat Yellow FG
DYE-V0803475-71-8Vat Yellow G(super fine powder)
DYE-B0262 2580-56-5Victoria blue b
DYE-B02562390-60-5Victoria Pure Blue BO
DYE-A0036Water Blue
DYE-P1287Whitening Agent BF
DYE-P1353Wool Whitening Agent WG
DYE-A1188Xylene Cyanole FF
DYE-P1019Yellow Ochre Powder
DYE-Z0164Yellow Salt GC
DYE-P1014Zinc Aluminium Paste
DYE-P1546Zinc Chrome Yellow 109
DYE-P1547AZinc Chrome Yellow 208
DYE-P1547BZinc Chrome Yellow 209
DYE-P1547CZinc Chrome Yellow 309
DYE-P1547DZinc Chrome Yellow 509
DYE-P154411103-86-9Zinc Potassium Chromate
DYE-P1549Zinc Tetraoxy Chromate

* Items covered by valid patent in any country are not offered or supplied to those countries. The customer should verify the patent position in the concerned country and offer is subject to final confirmation.